when DIY = sigh.

Backlogging again. As time wears on I find I'm starting to rather like being late to the party: not only am I well rested, I can take my time getting ready. DIWhy This post follows a relatively recent thread on libraries and DIY (if not exactly in response to it). On the core issue of what-is-DIY-and-why... Continue Reading →

failsafe: cultivating dysfunctional tech-literacy.

I came into the office this morning dragging a long mental to-do list, only to find internet access down in most buildings on campus. This being a large (albeit temporary) productivity barrier for the average e-learning librarian, I searched myself and realized that the only thing I’ve been meaning to do that doesn’t require connectivity... Continue Reading →

how politely can one argue with vendors?

Immediate ALA past-president (and my former professor, longtime mentor, and all-around earthshaker) Dr. Loriene Roy and I attempt to answer this question in the new ALA Annual 2008 Conference podcast edition of the Library 2.0 Gang. Argue about what, you might ask? Privacy, library innovation, the deadness of the exhibits floor, how involved vendors should... Continue Reading →

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