RTEL redux.

In 2009 I started work on a book I published in 2011, Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning: Instructional Literacy for Library Educators. It was a labor of love/hate to create, the book I wish I'd had when I started teaching way more frequently than I ever imagined I would. It utterly consumed my life for two... Continue Reading →

backlog part three: questioning learning styles.

This is the third installment in a series dedicated to dredging the recent past for things unposted. ALA Annual in 2012 was a fittingly Anaheim affair - meetings bracketed by frantic bike rides between bizarre hotels featuring piped-in lobby smells. In spite of overscheduling I was able to make an early morning drive to Huntington... Continue Reading →

post-acrl post.

Having returned home after nearly a full week in busted/beloved Philly, I've had a bit of time to process ACRL 2011. Based on my three times attending, it's as close to a model conference as one can get in terms of on-point collaborative utility. I've invariably come away with contacts and tech/teaching strategies that have... Continue Reading →

falling off the horse, revisited.

Deep in final editing mode, I just cut a huge, redundant chunk out of one of the last chapters of Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning but couldn't bring myself to trash it. Please enjoy and/or empathize with this particular form of pedagogical pain: Disaster Preparedness Just as you considered barriers to learning in previous chapters, it... Continue Reading →

time + pressure = diamonds.

The title of this post has been my motto for what feels like forever, reminding me to focus as I pushed myself through a rather gigantic writing project. Last week I turned in a manuscript that I've been working on for close to two years, which needless to say is a highly emotional (albeit somewhat... Continue Reading →

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