post-acrl post.

Having returned home after nearly a full week in busted/beloved Philly, I've had a bit of time to process ACRL 2011. Based on my three times attending, it's as close to a model conference as one can get in terms of on-point collaborative utility. I've invariably come away with contacts and tech/teaching strategies that have... Continue Reading →

outreach = pitch.

In her In the Library with the Lead Pipe post on the subject, Emily Ford makes the series of points that library outreach is really about marketing, that the product we're selling is service, and that all of this hinges on connecting with one's user community in a personal sense. Marketing is about making a... Continue Reading →

library routes: the power of suggestion.

My contribution to the Library Routes project: I decided to become a librarian in of one of those blithe, accepting-the-good-advice of my elders-and-wisers-without-exactly-realizing-it moments. I had been out of Reed College for about a year, twisting in the damp post-liberal arts Portland wind with more than my share of ambivalence. My History degree (now paying... Continue Reading →

i before e: my year of ontological balancing.

As anyone with visible tattoos, hairless cats, or a penchant for decorating with look-but-don't-use vintage objects such as ornamental table napkins can attest: the more esoteric you are, the more you end up having to explain yourself. When your mystifying characteristic, animal, or possession attracts attention, you have a choice: A) explain clearly in a... Continue Reading →


In an excellent turn of events, the Berkeley student "Study-In" protest and resulting parent donations I posted about a few weeks ago have allowed the University Library to resume Saturday service, as well as provide our traditional 24 hour staffing during finals. Along with a number of other librarians, I volunteered to provide a staff... Continue Reading →

this is how we do it.

I'm having one of those weeks that help me realize that true meaning of "library community," which at Berkeley is characteristically fierce. To make a long story somewhat short: due to system-wide funding issues this year (20% across-the-board budget cut in our case), almost all campus libraries have been forced to close on Saturdays, as... Continue Reading →

drive-by advocacy.

Like many others, I have a fear of appearing too pollyanna when I talk to faculty about libraries. Some cite the notorious inferiority complex in academic librarianship to explain this feeling, which has been discussed often and thoroughly enough to not merit rehashing here. For the record, I feel no inferiority – merely a difference in... Continue Reading →


The 2009 list of LJ Movers and Shakers is out. I nominated three amazing people, all of whom make the (library) world better: Chad Boeninger at Ohio University Lia Friedman at UC San Diego Sarah Houghton-Jan at San Jose Public LJ also published an interactive map of all the MSers since 2002: Next year, please... Continue Reading →

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