project curve, part three: profdevlib.

I don’t know about the rest of academic libraryland, but I have definitely overcome any delusions I was harboring of a summer work lull – things have been hilariously busy. Between building community and a structure of tools/strategies for the coming year at Claremont, winding down a long research consultancy for a consortium of California... Continue Reading →

interview x2.

Now that it's summer and academic librarians have a bit of breathing/reading room, I've been getting more and more inquiries about the research report I published via ACRL in late April (and keep them coming, by all means). By way of further explanation, this week I talked with my longtime friend Ellie Collier at  In... Continue Reading →

weighing in on emerging leaders.

There has been some discussion lately about ALA's Emerging Leaders program excluding non-MLIS library staff from applying - Lori Reed over at Library Trainer rightly takes issue with this requirement, resolving to let her membership in ALA lapse in protest. Sarah Houghton-Jan and Paul Signorelli have also responded in support of Lori, advocating for the... Continue Reading →

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