meebo in the catalog.

In Mashing on the Library, Part 1 Jenny over at the Shifted Librarian profiles examples of libraries who have integrated Meebo widgets into their OPAC. Sarah at Librarian in Black has a similar post. Judging from our incredibly positive experience with Meebo reference the in-catalog widget approach couldn't help but be a success, and Sarah... Continue Reading →

(underwhelming) meebo firefox extension.

I've been trying out the new Meebo extension for Firefox: It enables a collapsible Meebo contact list that displays on the left side of the browser window and also sends popup notifications to your desktop when messages arrive: Although it has a lot of potential to improve Meebo's functionality for Firefox users, it also has... Continue Reading →

problems with pidgin

My colleague Chad Boeninger over at Library Voice recently wrote an excellent how-to post on Pidgin, an open-source multiprotocol IM client that has the useful feature of allowing Meebo widget monitoring in addition to IM logins, something most multiprotocol apps aren't able to do: The ostensible promise of Pidgin is that it could reduce virtual... Continue Reading →

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