committee business (revisited).

Back to the grindstone in full force. I posted a while back on a call for presentations from one of my ALA committees. We've extended the call until the 19th of this month, so if you're involved in reference-related research of any kind and are in the market for a good presentation opportunity, think about... Continue Reading →

committee business.

An ALA committee of mine has a call for presentations that I thought I'd pass along - please repost or forward to those you think would fit the bill. It's always a great, well-attended forum. Chaired by the incomparable Liane Luckman, the RUSA RSS Research and Statistics Committee is hosting itsĀ  Reference Research Forum at... Continue Reading →

“just bloody do it.”

A few words of wisdom from one of two preconference workshops I attended at Internet Librarian yesterday, on a topic that initially sounds extremely boring - project management. Despite the potentially dry subject matter the workshops were excellent - the morning's was led by Mary Auckland, independent consultant and trainer (from Britain, which should help... Continue Reading →

how politely can one argue with vendors?

Immediate ALA past-president (and my former professor, longtime mentor, and all-around earthshaker) Dr. Loriene Roy and I attempt to answer this question in the new ALA Annual 2008 Conference podcast edition of the Library 2.0 Gang. Argue about what, you might ask? Privacy, library innovation, the deadness of the exhibits floor, how involved vendors should... Continue Reading →

straight up.

My ALA MARS presentation went extremely well, not only for the fact that I was on enough to crack people up, but for the mountain of positive feedback I received regarding a specific aspect of my talk. Tons of people expressed their surprise at my "brutal" honesty about the fact that most of what we've... Continue Reading →

privacy: is it time for a revolution?

ala 2008 annual conference, sunday june 29th 1:30-3:00. although it was pretty well attended, this session should have packed a ballroom - it was excellent. intro: should we still care about online privacy? the ala privacy revolution project is partially funded by a grant from the soros foundation to promote discussions about library privacy, motivation... Continue Reading →

cil2008: staff tech training

part 1: sarah houghton-jan (Due to time constraints and conference craziness I haven't given much evaluative opinion on the presentations I've seen in these posts, but let me just say that in 20 minutes S. H-J did a spot-on job of offering a coherent/useful synthesis of this potentially nebulous and never-ending topic. Very well done.)... Continue Reading →

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