acrl 2013 and biennial milestones.

For the record, I tend to love this conference and this year was no exception. It is organized by people I respect, draws focused talent from a broad range of specializations, and I am invariably able to touch base with well-loved colleagues past/present/future. I have also found that ACRL seems to coincide with and/or create... Continue Reading →

ala 2011 wear/whereabouts.

I wrote a Librarian Wardrobe post yesterday with some info about what I'll be up to at ALA Annual in New Orleans: Packing for conferences is all about wise shoe choices, so I’m including a triptych of the four to five pairs that I’ll be bringing to New Orleans. Flips and boots are the other... Continue Reading →

ongoing goings-on.

I've been a bit slow on the blogging uptake lately, thanks to a full slate of projects and the massive learning curve that occurs when one starts an (excellent) new job, not to mention residual writing trauma after finishing RTEL. Future posts on all of the above are percolating, but I can at least share... Continue Reading →

post-acrl post.

Having returned home after nearly a full week in busted/beloved Philly, I've had a bit of time to process ACRL 2011. Based on my three times attending, it's as close to a model conference as one can get in terms of on-point collaborative utility. I've invariably come away with contacts and tech/teaching strategies that have... Continue Reading →

conference autopsy (an interview).

The 2011 ALA Midwinter conference is coming up later this week, and I find myself performing the familiar preparatory motions of consolidating schedules, deleting spam, touching bases, and shuffling envelopes. Like other seasoned conference attendees, I do this to stave off the unpleasant deer-in-headlights sensation that occurs if you do not plan at least nominally,... Continue Reading →

one two three.

I recently gave three very similar presentations on Informing Innovation at two very different conferences, LAUC-B 2009 and Internet Librarian 2009. I've posted my slides from each event, which, from a design perspective, was an interesting exercise in repurposing content make similar points to distinct audiences. Reusing/recycling is one of my instructional design absolutes (e.g.,... Continue Reading →

on collaboration.

Despite an extremely truncated Annual (I needed to leave early to help an injured friend), my preconference presentation went well. The preconference itself was an all-day RUSA affair on the subject of Reinvented Reference, or new approaches to the challenge of structuring library public and information services in light of shrinking budgets and changing staffing... Continue Reading →


As the relentless leaflets and committee-spam filling my work inboxes keep reminding me, ALA Annual is most definitely "upon us." After a much-needed Texas vacation next week, I'll be speaking/facilitating at the RUSA Reinvented Reference Preconference: Reinvented Reference V: Using Our Collective Wisdom Friday, July 10, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sponsored by RUSA Reference... Continue Reading →

acrl 2009 slides.

My ACRL presentation with former OU colleague Chris Guder was great - a packed house of people laughing at our inside librarian jokes. What more can you ask for? We shared the hour with Steven Adams of Princeton University and Angela Horne of Cornell University - they described their sharp research evaluating LibGuides. An interesting,... Continue Reading →

i’m tempted, i must say.

Maybe I'm seven years old for finding humor in this: If only all conference fodder could be so amazing. If you're going to ACRL next week and aren't too busy visiting Gaylord, please come to my program:

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