newbrarians and nerdbrarians

I was recently interviewed for a short Chronicle of Higher Ed article by Scott Carlson that came out today - it profiles some youngish librarians and their perspectives on the profession, the future of the book, what's going right and wrong, etc. I like what other folks have to say and I think this piece... Continue Reading →

crowdsourcing the modern library

In collaboration with the Digital Library Federation, if:book has announced preliminary plans for the Really Modern Library project, which has two components: a) inviting "an eclectic assortment of creative thinkers from the arts, publishing, media, design, academic and library worlds" to a series of three discussions on the trajectory of mass digitization, the accessibility of... Continue Reading →

amen to open IT policies.

A recent post on Library Web Chic hits the restrictive-tech-policies-in-libraries-must-go nail on the head. Here is Karen's list of arguments against library systems that don't allow their employees to download and install software freely: To work effectively in a Library 2.0 world, library staff need the ability to experiment and try things. In fact they... Continue Reading →

it’s all frowns for ebooks.

There has been some discussion lately about tectonic movement in the ebook world - the New York Times recently reported that Google and Amazon are getting into the act of making it easier to read and own books electronically. Easier - maybe, but less expensive? Recent reading devices range from $300-400, not including the price... Continue Reading →

msnbc on encore

MSNBC ran a piece on September 16th about Innovative Interfaces' new dynamic catalog platform, Encore. Innovative's CEO Jerry Kline is quoted saying "it's for libraries that want to compete effectively on the Web and give the best access possible to the books, images and full-text electronic articles in their collection." This ostensibly means offering integrated... Continue Reading →

the library that ate prague

Or should I say "will eat"? This insane design by Future Systems won a recent competition for an addition to Prague's National Library. Pricetag? £48 million: BD ("the Architects' Website") gives a full report complete with digital imagery. It's a noble project to be sure, but my personal opinion is that purple v. green was... Continue Reading →

skype reference and the future of libraries conference

In a lucky coincidence yesterday while staffing our Skype call-in reference service I received a call from one (extremely nice) Paul Signorelli of the San Francisco Public Library who was doing some investigating into libraries and Skype/internet telephony experimentation. The upshot of this productive conversation is that I will be participating remotely in a panel... Continue Reading →

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