dimdim open source webconferencing

I've been testing out a web-based videoconferencing tool that approximates the features and functionality of Adobe Connect (formerly known as Macromedia Breeze) - DimDim is freely available via the web or through an open source platform. Not having quite enough time (yet) to mess around with the open source version, my experience thus far has... Continue Reading →

it’s all frowns for ebooks.

There has been some discussion lately about tectonic movement in the ebook world - the New York Times recently reported that Google and Amazon are getting into the act of making it easier to read and own books electronically. Easier - maybe, but less expensive? Recent reading devices range from $300-400, not including the price... Continue Reading →

photosynth: technology previews at TED

The 2007 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference brought its usual 50+ visionary speakers on topics as diverse as global conflict, ecological sustainability, technological innovation, lexicography, and industrial design. Most recognizable on the list were Bill Clinton and Richard Dawkins, presenting alongside a host of luminary-types from a variety of fields. The format for all presenters... Continue Reading →

skype reference and the future of libraries conference

In a lucky coincidence yesterday while staffing our Skype call-in reference service I received a call from one (extremely nice) Paul Signorelli of the San Francisco Public Library who was doing some investigating into libraries and Skype/internet telephony experimentation. The upshot of this productive conversation is that I will be participating remotely in a panel... Continue Reading →


I've been on a series of intermittent vacations over the past while (New York, California, my backyard) and have been relatively silent. Fall quarter just ratcheted into gear here at OU and, having quickly transitioned out of summer librarianship, I must point out this awesome screen capturing and sharing app, Jing, which lets you capture... Continue Reading →

maiden voyage.

I thought for my first post that I would explain to my current audience of slim-to-none why I've resisted setting up a personal blog for what feels like ages. Although I've contributed to a communications subject blog for a while now, my hesitation was equal parts not having internet in the house (which is still... Continue Reading →

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