library (mon)day in the life.

After reading Meridith Farkas' excellent post on the the blogging/tweeting thoughtfulness v. frequency relationship, I was motivated to reflect for a bit on my own recent blog/microblog habits. I have begun to engage more regularly with Twitter (@charbooth) and find that it leads people to my blog posts via alternate routes, and I definitely ascribe... Continue Reading →

i’m tempted, i must say.

Maybe I'm seven years old for finding humor in this: If only all conference fodder could be so amazing. If you're going to ACRL next week and aren't too busy visiting Gaylord, please come to my program:

on solitude (and injury).

This gem of a busted shoulder happened while I was riding to work yesterday morning, thinking about my first blog post after a long hiatus (I got off relatively easy - fracture, no surgery necessary... I was doored, of course). I had just been listening to an episode of KQED's Forum featuring William Deresiewicz, author... Continue Reading →


I recently got a reminder of how long it's been since I've posted, which brought about some predictable feelings of blog-neglect guilt. My excuse? I've been working on other projects lately and can only think about so many things at once. (Words of wisdom - if you ever plan on writing a book, prepare yourself... Continue Reading →

gratuitous post for the bikebrarian.

I found the doppleganger to my busted/ beloved purple 1980s trek this afternoon, and for some reason it made my day. As crazy as this place can be for bikers, it's awesome to finally be part of a mass critical enough for a bit of serendipity now and again.

keep your eye on this one.

In the Library with the Lead Pipe is new blog by a few folks I go way back with and some others who I'm sure are similarly sharp. Here's how they represent: We are six librarians working in academic, public, and school libraries across the United States. In addition to essays by its founders, In... Continue Reading →

come work at berkeley.

I'm putting the word out on a new position that just posted for an Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach Librarian in the UC Berkeley Library Instructional Services department, aka my new home: Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach Librarian Doe/Moffitt Libraries Hiring range: Associate Librarian I — III $48,029-$52,860 per annum, depending on qualifications The University of California,... Continue Reading →

back in business.

Not being a librarian in the professional sense for three weeks has left me a bit terse, compounded by the fact that transitioning to a new job and living space leaves little time for anything but trying to remember a deluge of new names and barrel through residual exhaustion. Suffice to say I've learned my... Continue Reading →


Just so you don't write this off as yet another dead blog, during August I'm taking a brief "vacation" from posting in order to a) transition out of my position and into a new E-Learning Librarian job at UC Berkeley and b) finish up my degree, hopefully with sanity intact. I'll reflect on the amazingly... Continue Reading →

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