manners v. hospitality.

Within five minutes of meeting me you're likely to discover my three main characteristics - I'm a librarian, I come from a long line of wonderfully stereotypical Texans, and I love food. The combination of these traits means that I am hyper-aware of both manners and hospitality. It may come as news to some, but... Continue Reading →

weighing in on emerging leaders.

There has been some discussion lately about ALA's Emerging Leaders program excluding non-MLIS library staff from applying - Lori Reed over at Library Trainer rightly takes issue with this requirement, resolving to let her membership in ALA lapse in protest. Sarah Houghton-Jan and Paul Signorelli have also responded in support of Lori, advocating for the... Continue Reading →

meme: passion quilt

As tagged by Ellie. Here's my contribution to the passion quilt meme, which is admittedly a bit depressing when compared with the others: Platonic quilt, perhaps? It's still good advice for the young and the restless. Being a little slow on the uptake with my response most everyone I wanted to tag has already participated... Continue Reading →

nerds + embroidery =

As usual, Lia sent me something awesome weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to posting it. I think this might be one of the best, most random things I've seen this year: It's called the Open Source Embroidery Project. Need I say more? There's an amazing steampunk version out there as well.

take a (constructive) swipe at subject headings.

Check out this awesome project from Radical Reference, as written up in The Experiment: Viva RR! Do subject headings still matter? We say they do. Does the Library of Congress always identify accessible and appropriately named headings and implement them in a timely manner? We say not always. All you have to do is spend... Continue Reading →

that’s what i’m talking about.

Yet another example of indignant librarians doing free inquiry a good turn - it appears that the recent revelation about the federally-funded Popline (Population Information Online) database's use of "abortion" as a stopword has been addressed, and fast. American Libraries reports on the effective response to this disturbing news.

even imaginary libraries are “sexy.”

A friend just sent me this libraries-in-movies Entertainment Weekly article in honor or National Library Week - 18 Sexy Trips to the Library Stacks, which includes, of course, the likes of Emilio Estevez pot-smoking in the AV room in Breakfast Club: Only about three are actually sexy in any way. As far as real-life stacks... Continue Reading →

never had time to read fiction.

The word “meme” gives me hives, but I’d be interested to see a few other librarians give this one a shot - this weekend on To the Best of Our Knowledge (which vies with This American Life for the best non-news show on NPR) I heard a story about Six-Word Memoirs, an amazing project/book created... Continue Reading →

that’s what i get

for making like a jackass in the 2008 Movers and Shakers photo shoot (at least I'm a very small jackass to those who don't get LJ in print). I'm of course super honored to be among those recognized, and like my writeup explains it's all about the organizations we work for giving us the support... Continue Reading →

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