yet another post on public speaking.

Virtually any conversation about speaking in public will include a nod to the axiom that people fear it more than death (case in point). While recent research has shown this claim to be only partially accurate, for most the abject unpleasantness of participating in live communication forums is a foregone conclusion. I am in the... Continue Reading →

thick v. thin (as in skin).

A confession: I am having an affair with the ocean. It hasn’t always been this way, mind you. I was once actively against salt water. My marine indifference began in childhood, while inhabiting hotel rooms with post-Spring Break holes in the walls (also known as vacationing on the Texas Gulf coast). After the family drive... Continue Reading →

falling off the horse, revisited.

Deep in final editing mode, I just cut a huge, redundant chunk out of one of the last chapters of Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning but couldn't bring myself to trash it. Please enjoy and/or empathize with this particular form of pedagogical pain: Disaster Preparedness Just as you considered barriers to learning in previous chapters, it... Continue Reading →

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