sick of the news? pretend it’s 2001.

Google has partnered with the Internet Archive to celebrate its 10th birthday with a 7 year old search engine, which will be available for a month. It's an older Google interface that works with the Wayback Machine to provide archived 2001 pages. In case you were curious, Sarah Palin didn't exist, Barrack Obama barely existed,... Continue Reading →

a few more thoughts on google knol.

I've mulled it over a spell and have come up with one slightly less critical thought on Google knol. A potential positive - users can rate, edit, comment on, and question articles, which may lead to a more visible and interesting conversation than in Wikipedia discussion pages. My main question about article edits is this... Continue Reading →

third-generation search engines

It's been out for a week now but I just got around to reading Newsweek's "Searching for the Best Engine" article, which compares efforts by various companies to shave¬† Google's market share by improving on their "second-generation" search model (first generation = query matching, second generation = weighted link-frequency ranking). Although much of it reads... Continue Reading →

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