sick of the news? pretend it’s 2001.

Google has partnered with the Internet Archive to celebrate its 10th birthday with a 7 year old search engine, which will be available for a month. It’s an older Google interface that works with the Wayback Machine to provide archived 2001 pages. In case you were curious, Sarah Palin didn’t exist, Barrack Obama barely existed, Joe Biden was all over the place, and John McCain had been riding the Straight Talk Express for some time.


A typically glib FAQ page answers a few questions about how/why they’re making this available. A momentary diversion, but I’m always happy to see the Internet Archive getting a bit of press.

One thought on “sick of the news? pretend it’s 2001.

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  1. While checking out the news back from January 2001, I realized some people should do the same.
    e.g. Our president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, should take a peek and recall his criticism toward Brazil. As much as I like him, I still think he should be reminded of some aspects that needed to be fixed (and he made the point at that time) and still are chaotic.
    See? this is a good exercise about how important history is. Furthermore, how important we (librarians, teachers, professor, writers…) are in keeping history somewhere we can go back and remember it. And even better, learn with it!

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