straight up.

My ALA MARS presentation went extremely well, not only for the fact that I was on enough to crack people up, but for the mountain of positive feedback I received regarding a specific aspect of my talk. Tons of people expressed their surprise at my "brutal" honesty about the fact that most of what we've... Continue Reading →

reconstituting the video kiosk.

Much of my last year's program experimentation time was devoted to a series of Skype reference pilots created in collaboration with my Technology Team colleagues at Ohio University - an interesting process to say the least. In one of these programs we set up a reference kiosk that maintained a perpetual Skype videocall with a... Continue Reading →

skype + myspace

equals a ton of potential exposure for the already-dominant web calling client, which has gotten a bit of bad press lately when Ebay admitted it massively overpaid during Skype's acquisition in 2005. I'm interested to see if a partnership between Skype and MySpace (which will allow MySpace users to call each other via Skype while... Continue Reading →

skyping ghana

Post-midterm in one of my instructional technology classes this morning we had a Skype conference call with distance students at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana. My instructor, Sandra Turner, was awarded a Fullbright to guest lecture and conduct research at this university during 2003-04 and has helped establish a distance program that allows... Continue Reading →

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