moving communication forward: internet voice and video in libraries

My CNI breakout session yesterday went very well – it was a packed room, and the audience was gracious and seemingly very interested in OU’s Skype reference experimentation. Roughly a third of attendees self-identified as IT-oriented, two-thirds were in library administration, with two or three “in the trenches” reference librarians also in attendance. The session was highly interactive, with an even distribution of questions throughout. I didn’t have time to make a live Skype call at the end of the talk (which always goes over well), but I believe that the audience came away with a relatively solid idea of the variety of ways that web calling and internet video communication can be used in library public services and instruction. I’ve gotten a ton of good feedback from those who saw the talk and have heard about a number of similar experiments brewing at other institutions who are either considering video kiosks or converting to campus VoIP telephony.

I’ll have a link to my slides up shortly, and they’ll also be available on the CNI website soon.

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