project curve, part one: maker breaks.

In my last post I set the stage for a series: to explore my learning curve at a new job at the Claremont Colleges Library through a few initial projects and collaborations. This is part one. Several stereotypical (yet accurate) generalizations: librarians are nerds, librarians like crafts, and librarians tend to have lots of interesting... Continue Reading →

small ‘a’ advocacy.

I’ve recently experienced another first as a librarian: writing letters of recommendation for two of the brightest students I have had the pleasure to interact with. I’m happy (but not particularly surprised) to say that the process is having a palpable this-makes-all-the-hard-work-worthwhile effect, and for two important reasons. Not only does it offer me the... Continue Reading →

recharge and retool.

This post, the first I have written in quite a while, looks at two sides of a familiar problem: resource scarcity. Present times continue to try on many fronts, and I cannot think of one person from either hemisphere of my life – personal or professional – who is not actively doing more with (or... Continue Reading →


I recently answered a few questions for a Viewpoint/Interview piece in the upcoming Reference Services Review (38/2), most of which is now available to subscribers in pre-print. The issue is devoted to mobile services in libraries and features some of the smartest content I've seen on the subject thus far. Several of the articles are... Continue Reading →

updated technology survey instrument.

In response to a recent uptick in interest in the template survey instrument I designed for Informing Innovation, I'm distributing a newer, quite different, and more academic technology-focused instrument that I recently created for a local project at UCB. It's a working copy not formatted to any degree of fanciness and was also intended to... Continue Reading →

outreach = pitch.

In her In the Library with the Lead Pipe post on the subject, Emily Ford makes the series of points that library outreach is really about marketing, that the product we're selling is service, and that all of this hinges on connecting with one's user community in a personal sense. Marketing is about making a... Continue Reading →

one two three.

I recently gave three very similar presentations on Informing Innovation at two very different conferences, LAUC-B 2009 and Internet Librarian 2009. I've posted my slides from each event, which, from a design perspective, was an interesting exercise in repurposing content make similar points to distinct audiences. Reusing/recycling is one of my instructional design absolutes (e.g.,... Continue Reading →


In an excellent turn of events, the Berkeley student "Study-In" protest and resulting parent donations I posted about a few weeks ago have allowed the University Library to resume Saturday service, as well as provide our traditional 24 hour staffing during finals. Along with a number of other librarians, I volunteered to provide a staff... Continue Reading →

this is how we do it.

I'm having one of those weeks that help me realize that true meaning of "library community," which at Berkeley is characteristically fierce. To make a long story somewhat short: due to system-wide funding issues this year (20% across-the-board budget cut in our case), almost all campus libraries have been forced to close on Saturdays, as... Continue Reading →

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