updated technology survey instrument.

In response to a recent uptick in interest in the template survey instrument I designed for Informing Innovation, I’m distributing a newer, quite different, and more academic technology-focused instrument that I recently created for a local project at UCB. It’s a working copy not formatted to any degree of fanciness and was also intended to be a module on a larger demographic survey, meaning that a) it likely needs a bit of work prior to implementation, and b) there are relatively few who are you/what are you items. Click the below image for full the full 6-page, 28-item PDF:

I’m distributing this in hopes that it gives a bit of an update to the technology response options included on the original template instrument, and also to share a few newer survey items that track personal technology/ learning style and so forth in greater detail. It’s in PDF format and Creative Commons licensed to the loosest degree imaginable, so please feel free to modify the items and add them to an online or print-based local user survey as you see fit. As always, questions adopted locally should tested for reliability/validity. Please contact me @charbooth, or via charbooth@gmail if you have any questions.

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