acrl 2013 and biennial milestones.

For the record, I tend to love this conference and this year was no exception. It is organized by people I respect, draws focused talent from a broad range of specializations, and I am invariably able to touch base with well-loved colleagues past/present/future. I have also found that ACRL seems to coincide with and/or create... Continue Reading →

rtel at ccli.

Today I gave a presentation at the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction's Spring 2010 Workshop, my maiden voyage talking about Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning book stuff (for an overview on what the book is actually about, take a look at a short article on the subject in American Libraries). I'm sharing two components of the... Continue Reading →

teaching technology/ies.

I've been on a bit of a self-imposed break from blogging after my fingers fell off at Computers in Libraries, but this morning I read an interesting older post by Steven Bell on ACRLog that I thought merited a (long) response. In it, he critiques the growing wave of Library 2.0-esque technology classes in LIS... Continue Reading →

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