rtel at ccli.

Today I gave a presentation at the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction’s Spring 2010 Workshop, my maiden voyage talking about Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning book stuff (for an overview on what the book is actually about, take a look at a short article on the subject in American Libraries).

I’m sharing two components of the talk (which was amazing, by the way – 100 or so working library instructors, all super lively and interactive). The first is an old trusty-style slideshow on instructional literacy, instructional design, and tons of other concepts in teaching and learning:

The second is a personal instructional technology challenge in which I taught myself how to use Prezi over the last week in order to a) describe the USER design method I lay out in RTEL, and b) illustrate a strategy for evaluating emerging tools for their practical teaching uses. Disclaimers: I have thus far avoided using Prezi due to an unfortunate and die-hard reliance on an older version of PowerPoint, not to mention the nagging-to-overpowering vertigo I experience when I actually watch Prezis that pan and zoom frequently. Also, the below image is static (click through to the presentation) because Prezi embed code doesn’t play very nice with WordPress, apparently.

Prezi USER Method image

Also, the handout I used summarizes the USER method and instructional literacy in some detail:

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    1. hey shawn, thanks so much. the slides are a little cryptic (can’t seem to shake this habit) so i just added the preso handout to the post, too – it outlines the concepts a little more clearly. all best.

  1. Hi Char! Great to meet you and hear your talk. I thought you might be interested to know that the Integrative Biology lecture made it on the YouTube 5-year celebration momentous videos timeline: http://www.youtube.com/fiveyear. w00t!

    1. margot, great to meet you too. i got the news of dr diamond’s video momentousness through a colleague last week: she is a duly recognized pistol, no? hope all is well.

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