metacognitive strategizing.

Although the moment has passed, I was recently mulling over Meredith Farkas' reply to a piece by Sarah Cohen about her rationale for not participating in Library Day in the Life. Did reporting on our daily ins and outs represent an exercise in professional insight, or was it evidence of some sort of collective librarian... Continue Reading →

library (fri)day in the life.

Actual Thursday and Ideal Thursday stayed in lockstep, and ended with a busy reference shift with several sharp/long/interesting interactions (anthropological readings of food and folklore, gendered social conditions under different dictatorships, etc.). Ideal Friday is looking much less relentless: - Backup scheduling duties for web-requested instruction sessions while a colleague is out of town -... Continue Reading →

library (thurs)day in the life.

Actual Wednesday was another resounding success - made good headway on my updating and communication housecleaning, and was satisfied with my progress on the tutorial. The editing, however, left me a little cold. Still stalling on the chapter submission front - beating the dead horse otherwise known as revision has never been my strongest suit.... Continue Reading →

library (wednes)day in the life.

Actual Tuesday was right on, especially in terms of the Anthro instruction session I led, which was indeed earth-shattering. In the summer my teaching/training load goes way down, so it's not unusual for me to feel a bit out of my element. This class, however, had a very engaged grad instructor and unusually bright/attentive students,... Continue Reading →

library (tues)day in the life.

Actual Monday ended up resembling Ideal Monday, although I completely scrapped the Drupal chapter (no surprise there, really) and half of the FAQ work in order to make better headway on the syllabi. Ideal Tuesday -finish preparing for instruction. - lead an earth-shattering session for the 6 students in Anth R5b: Politics of Ordinary Life.... Continue Reading →

library (mon)day in the life.

After reading Meridith Farkas' excellent post on the the blogging/tweeting thoughtfulness v. frequency relationship, I was motivated to reflect for a bit on my own recent blog/microblog habits. I have begun to engage more regularly with Twitter (@charbooth) and find that it leads people to my blog posts via alternate routes, and I definitely ascribe... Continue Reading →

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