library (thurs)day in the life.

Actual Wednesday was another resounding success – made good headway on my updating and communication housecleaning, and was satisfied with my progress on the tutorial. The editing, however, left me a little cold. Still stalling on the chapter submission front – beating the dead horse otherwise known as revision has never been my strongest suit.

Ideal Thursday

Today ideal and actual have effectively merged. I’ve been so busy thus far that I’m only just getting to this extremely hasty Library Day in the Life post – suffice to say that it’s all meetings (e.g., with the amazing Education/Psychology Library head, Susan Edwards, about next steps for the Ed/Psych iteration of the eReadings pilot service), reference desk shifts, email (e.g., to a faculty member about reviewing her syllabus on the eReadings front) Library FAQ cleanup, and no time to look back.

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