no more, no less.

I try not to write simply in order to make excuses for the fact that I haven't written in a while, but in this case I have a very good reason for doing so. Like virtually everyone else in the universe I've been super busy of late, and only a habit of compulsive list-making is... Continue Reading →

flash from the vaults.

During a recent year-end purge of my overloaded computer, I discovered a tiny velocipede animation I created some time ago while learning flash (click image to play): May this be the most beautifully useless thing I ever produce.

ajax star rater.

Now that I'm as good as healed and it's one down and one to go on the book front, I'm making a concerted effort to break the long silence created by maintaining a life while writing and working with a broken collarbone. I'm going to start profiling some of the library projects I've been involved... Continue Reading →

words to live by.

It's my birthday, ever a reminder of how lucky I am to have many talented, generous, and patient people in my life. Endless thanks to Lia for cross-stitching me my very own motto, which deserves a little provenance. She and I saw something exactly like this hanging in an old boat museum a while back... Continue Reading →

to di(orama) for.

On this partly cloudy California Monday I thought I'd share what I believe could easily win the World's Greatest Library Diorama contest, if such a thing existed: Created by the library's preservation department and surpassed only by the masterpieces at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, it  is truly a thing of... Continue Reading →

for the font-conscious.

Once again Lia's UCSD Arts Blog clues me into something rad: FontStruct, an awesome web-based program that lets you design fonts and share them via Creative Commons. Download and rate "fontstructions" in the site's Gallery. A few examples of styles created with the program:

nerds + embroidery =

As usual, Lia sent me something awesome weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to posting it. I think this might be one of the best, most random things I've seen this year: It's called the Open Source Embroidery Project. Need I say more? There's an amazing steampunk version out there as well.

slate covers library extinction, architecture.

Slate Magazine recently posed the question, "what sort of public library does the 'digital world' of Google, Wikipedia , and Kindle require?" Witold Rybczynski's brief photoessay covers a range of modern approaches to library design, with examples ranging from Chicago's (in my opinion, rather amazing) downtown library to the more recent Denver Public Library: As... Continue Reading →

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