library 2.0 success/failure in practice.

Now that hindsight is offering a bit of perspective, there has been a lot of discussion recently about the net effect of the Library 2.0 movement (and I don't think it's hyperbolic to describe it as such), focusing on the perceived platitudes of "twopointopians" as well as whether the new technologies being implemented in so... Continue Reading →

amazing posters.

Via Lia Friedman of the UCSD Arts Libraries Blog: "The University College Falmouth has had the outgoing graduates make inspirational posters for the incoming freshmen. This is a terrific idea–who better to give advice to newbies than the people who just went through it? The graphics are varied, interesting and beautiful. Some of my favorites?... Continue Reading →

much, much, better.

I just got a look at the draft ALA website redesign, which appears to be a vast improvement. Now, what to do with those 30,000 committee pages? Also, one of the navigation tabs up top should be "Acronym Decoder" or something along those lines.

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