ajax star rater.

Now that I’m as good as healed and it’s one down and one to go on the book front, I’m making a concerted effort to break the long silence created by maintaining a life while writing and working with a broken collarbone. I’m going to start profiling some of the library projects I’ve been involved in since I arrived at Berkeley, the most recent of which is an awesome interactive star ratings bar app customized by Erik Rumppe of our Systems department. I recently integrated this rater into a redesign of our local library tutorials page:


The page used to  look like this:


And now looks like this:


With input from an informal working group that manages tutorial content across the libraries, the redesigned page was intended to be more visual, navigable, and less, ahem, u-g-l-y, while giving users a means of providing a bit of feedback on the tutorials to help us evaluate and prioritize them. For those of you on the webdev tip, the dropdown anchor jump menus are powered by javascript – check out the source code for an elegant solution to the proverbial long-list-of-links (hats off to Todd Parks in Systems for help resolving php/javascript issues).

You can find the template for the “Unobtrusive AJAX Star Rater” (and could there be a more hilariously utilitarian name?) at Masuga Web Design.  Erik checked for security and interoperability, made a few aesthetic changes to get our stars looking more Netflixy, and also created a behind-the-scenes database page that tracks and averages the number of ratings for evaluation purposes.

Many thanks to Erik and Todd for being so (unobtrusively) awesome.

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  1. This is great — love the rating stars. What is the framework for your web site? Is it a CMS?

    1. i know, right? while we have a developer-side cms for editing (SVN) and support drupal locally, this part of our site is as of yet not drupalized in terms of its design/management.

  2. Those look awesome! I might be tapping you for advice here in several months…. Who knows what we can do with our CMS….

  3. Nice work–and I’m sorry to hear (belatedly) of the broken collarbone. Hope it’s healed, or healing quickly.

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