no more, no less.

I try not to write simply in order to make excuses for the fact that I haven't written in a while, but in this case I have a very good reason for doing so. Like virtually everyone else in the universe I've been super busy of late, and only a habit of compulsive list-making is... Continue Reading →

wait for it… new buttonmaker templates.

A while back I shared a ton of 1'' ‘love your library’ and other buttonmaker templates created for outreach/marketing purposes at the Claremont Colleges Library - all are available to download and use with a CC attrib-sharealike license on my Slideshare account. Tons of people out in libraryland and elsewhere have used them, about which I’m ecstatic... Continue Reading →

using collaborative sabotage (aka collaboratage) to teach tech/design/research.

Recently I've been reminded how effective consensual group hacking/editing can be when teaching (about or through) web-based presentation and authoring platforms. I am a big believer in the techno-pedagogical strategy of transparent co-creation and exploratory play, which can diffuse the anxiety and confusion that often attends learning a new tool (especially one that involves the... Continue Reading →

time + pressure = diamonds.

The title of this post has been my motto for what feels like forever, reminding me to focus as I pushed myself through a rather gigantic writing project. Last week I turned in a manuscript that I've been working on for close to two years, which needless to say is a highly emotional (albeit somewhat... Continue Reading →

flash from the vaults.

During a recent year-end purge of my overloaded computer, I discovered a tiny velocipede animation I created some time ago while learning flash (click image to play): May this be the most beautifully useless thing I ever produce.

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