wait for it… new buttonmaker templates.

A while back I shared a ton of 1” ‘love your library’ and other buttonmaker templates created for outreach/marketing purposes at the Claremont Colleges Library – all are available to download and use with a CC attrib-sharealike license on my Slideshare account. Tons of people out in libraryland and elsewhere have used them, about which I’m ecstatic – a panel I co-presented on at ACRL this spring shares customization ideas on this front and other applications in context.

local button by char booth

Based on the success of locally produced pins/magnets as promotional items and as fodder for “maker breaks” events, we’ve since purchased a 2.25’’ press from American Button Machines – both circulate pretty much constantly to student groups when not in active Library use, and the addition of a large format option has been useful in particular for promotion/advocacy purposes.

There’s been interest in large-format templates so I’m sharing new designs for a 2.25” press, also all CC sharealike so feel free to have at them. The most basic is a blank 2.25’’ double ring design template that outlines where center images should line up – edit this PDF in Illustrator, etc. to superimpose graphics over each inner circle, and (protip alert) NEVER fit when printing: print to true size for best effect.

I translated the love your library design to the 2.25’’ format, which looks great and works particularly well as a magnet. There are blank (no stamps), white stamped/scanned you can print on any type of paper, and a ton of patterned options for a quality color printer. Here’s one example:

Finally, a recent favorite I designed for Allegra Swyfte and the USEDTA Conference (to pin on local staff for ID purposes) – more useful/understandable near coasts, perhaps, but still a good strategy to identify home folks:

Use/enjoy, and as always feel free to create and share templates in return.

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