grappling with glass: (mis)adventures in wearable technology.  

First confession: my library bought Google Glass about six months ago. Second confession: I have, shall we say, a conflicted relationship with Glass. Third confession: although my intrepid colleague and collaborator Dani Brecher and I just published a piece on the program we've developed at Claremont, I have strenuously avoided writing about it in this more personal venue. Fourth... Continue Reading →


After a week or two in an unreasonably cold Northwest, I've learned that gloves and my iPhone do not go hand in hand. Without fingertips, the phone is dysfunctional - I started using my chin and nose to unlock and answer calls, which I fully acknowledge looks a little insane. Other, less dignified approaches also... Continue Reading →

on solitude (and injury).

This gem of a busted shoulder happened while I was riding to work yesterday morning, thinking about my first blog post after a long hiatus (I got off relatively easy - fracture, no surgery necessary... I was doored, of course). I had just been listening to an episode of KQED's Forum featuring William Deresiewicz, author... Continue Reading →

when technology fails.

I found the recent Pew study on technology failure to be an interesting read - it's quite brief, and begins with an introduction on the early development of electricity that left me a little mystified. Minor criticism aside, it deals with an important topic - how frequently do people experience technology meltdowns, what do they... Continue Reading →

card goes in, book comes out.

I'm always interested in news about developing kiosk/remote/ library service models - particularly ones that seem like they will actually work - so I was happy to hear that a Contra Costa County Library BART station book lending machine is now operational. The program is known as Library-a-Go-Go, and you can read a press release... Continue Reading →

cil2008: widgets, tools, and doodads for library webmasters.

darlene fichter - data librarian, university of saskatchewan firefox tools safecache: protects privacy, defends against cache-based traching techniques safehistory: prevents apps from going in a reading web history foxmarks: bookmarks synchronizer automatically syncs bookmarks between different instances of firefox - i.e. the same bookmarks on your home and work computers online tools... Continue Reading →


My luddism suffers another blow - after 2009, no more polaroid film. Image courtesy of

lulu self publishing marketplace.

I read one of those 7 Things You Should Know About... Educause Learning Initiative publications on Lulu recently, an online self-publishing platform that incorporates an Amazon-like marketplace model. I'm all for the idea of self publishing, particularly when it comes to cookbooks: Published by the official Rick Springfield fanclub, this is one of the many... Continue Reading →

group chat in gmail

Gmail recently added a new feature - group chat: It's simple to use - one click in the chat window to search existing contacts and add another user: I find that I use Gmail chat more than any other service these days, and this is definitely a welcome addition. Still no voice, video, or easy... Continue Reading →

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