cil2008: widgets, tools, and doodads for library webmasters.

darlene fichter – data librarian, university of saskatchewan

firefox tools

safecache: protects privacy, defends against cache-based traching techniques

safehistory: prevents apps from going in a reading web history

foxmarks: bookmarks synchronizer automatically syncs bookmarks between different instances of firefox – i.e. the same bookmarks on your home and work computers

online tools for collaboration

meebo chat widget: embedded chat widget, people stretching this idea, embedding widgets in null search results page whenever possible. don’t just have your ask a librarian link, embed a life chat widget when/wherever possible.

linkbunch: let’s you put multiple links into one small link, firefox extension creates a bunched link from open firefox tabs

docsyncer: automatically seeks and uploads your document files to Google Docs

twhirl: desktop client for twitter that reduces difficulty of monitoring twitter while browsing

polldaddy: embeddable interactive surveys and polls


vischeck: computer simulation of entire range of human vision, i.e. translating pages for colorblindness

feng-GUI: eyetracking program that creates a visual map of your site, a ‘heatmap’ of hotspots, areas of greatest visibility to users

browsershots: allows you to create screenshots in different browsers. submit web address and have page rendered in different browsers. open source, open access. plethora of browsers available.


libraries need to be more visual – people love to look at pictures of people in your library doing things.

flickr photo badge: create flickr account and display series of pics from library events, etc.

photoshop express: free online version of photoshop.

website distribution

try to be where your patrons are: taking the library site to a distributed level. friendly urls. we need bookmarkable pages – pick a button, grab your code. create socially bookmarkable pages. bookmark button statistics are available – track how bookmarks are used.

google gadgets: google countdown. if you aren’t a coder, there are various gadgets available. use the countdown as a way to announce things that are upcoming, limited.

altavista babelfish site translator: widgets that translate sites.

background applications

processtamer: monitors cpu processes

filehamster: realtime backup and archiving of your files while you wirk, automatically works in the background.

syncback freeware: backup all files anytime with a single click, versioning, synchronization, machine to machine sync via ftp


moving large files: mailbigfile, zupload, yousendit, mediafire, pando – priovacy problems, some provide up to 1 gb peer to peer transfer

reCaptcha: uses Internet Archive scanning project with the Open Library via captchas – create a captcha to use in your site and help digitize book

more widgets and gadgets:

widgetbox, previous cool tools presentations:

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