lulu self publishing marketplace.

I read one of those 7 Things You Should Know About… Educause Learning Initiative publications on Lulu recently, an online self-publishing platform that incorporates an Amazon-like marketplace model. I’m all for the idea of self publishing, particularly when it comes to cookbooks:

Published by the official Rick Springfield fanclub, this is one of the many dusty gems I found while perusing the Lulu store. Lulu allows authors to create, design, and determine the selling price of their work in print or e-book format, complete with ISBN. The market side of the site allows rankings, reviews, and ratings (which are not seeing a huge amount of traffic in general, but the service is still relatively new). Authors keep 80% of their profits, and I noticed that some electronic versions are free to download.

Another fine choice, $72.70 in paperback or $7.50 to download:

I can’t figure out if the error in the title is intentional.

One more, $24.95 paperback. Enough said.

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