grappling with glass: (mis)adventures in wearable technology.  

First confession: my library bought Google Glass about six months ago. Second confession: I have, shall we say, a conflicted relationship with Glass. Third confession: although my intrepid colleague and collaborator Dani Brecher and I just published a piece on the program we've developed at Claremont, I have strenuously avoided writing about it in this more personal venue. Fourth... Continue Reading →

acrl 2013 and biennial milestones.

For the record, I tend to love this conference and this year was no exception. It is organized by people I respect, draws focused talent from a broad range of specializations, and I am invariably able to touch base with well-loved colleagues past/present/future. I have also found that ACRL seems to coincide with and/or create... Continue Reading →

recharge and retool.

This post, the first I have written in quite a while, looks at two sides of a familiar problem: resource scarcity. Present times continue to try on many fronts, and I cannot think of one person from either hemisphere of my life – personal or professional – who is not actively doing more with (or... Continue Reading →

rtel at ccli.

Today I gave a presentation at the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction's Spring 2010 Workshop, my maiden voyage talking about Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning book stuff (for an overview on what the book is actually about, take a look at a short article on the subject in American Libraries). I'm sharing two components of the... Continue Reading →

ajax star rater.

Now that I'm as good as healed and it's one down and one to go on the book front, I'm making a concerted effort to break the long silence created by maintaining a life while writing and working with a broken collarbone. I'm going to start profiling some of the library projects I've been involved... Continue Reading →

teaching technology/ies.

I've been on a bit of a self-imposed break from blogging after my fingers fell off at Computers in Libraries, but this morning I read an interesting older post by Steven Bell on ACRLog that I thought merited a (long) response. In it, he critiques the growing wave of Library 2.0-esque technology classes in LIS... Continue Reading →

dimdim open source webconferencing

I've been testing out a web-based videoconferencing tool that approximates the features and functionality of Adobe Connect (formerly known as Macromedia Breeze) - DimDim is freely available via the web or through an open source platform. Not having quite enough time (yet) to mess around with the open source version, my experience thus far has... Continue Reading →

student insight into faculty techology integration

"Faculty Integration of Technology into Instruction and Students' Perceptions of Computer Technology to Improve Student Learning," a recent study by Jared Keengwe featured on Educause Connect, surveys 800 undergrads for their perceptions of technology adoption and teaching effectiveness by faculty at "at a participating medium-sized midwest public university." A similar survey, the 2007 ECAR Study... Continue Reading →


I've been on a series of intermittent vacations over the past while (New York, California, my backyard) and have been relatively silent. Fall quarter just ratcheted into gear here at OU and, having quickly transitioned out of summer librarianship, I must point out this awesome screen capturing and sharing app, Jing, which lets you capture... Continue Reading →

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