never had time to read fiction.

The word “meme” gives me hives, but I’d be interested to see a few other librarians give this one a shot – this weekend on To the Best of Our Knowledge (which vies with This American Life for the best non-news show on NPR) I heard a story about Six-Word Memoirs, an amazing project/book created by Smith Magazine. It’s as simple as it sounds – people write in to their website with six-word sentences or phrases that describe their lives or something about themselves, including:

Five years together and still waiting.

Take it easy, but take it.

just seventeen, lint roller used constantly.

Started a garden; too much chard.

gained an inch, lost a finger

          The site allows comments and ratings on entries, and the book features many six-word memoirs from famous authors. It’s addictive, once you start trying to come up with something… other attempts of mine include “obsessed with proper placement of objects,” and “missed Texas even when living there.”

          One thought on “never had time to read fiction.

          Add yours

          1. hmm…

            loved control a little too much.

            or possibly (and quite similar to your texas sentiments): i left my heart in oregon.

            very cool blog, btw. i saw on your email and am pleased i checked it out.

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