using collaborative sabotage (aka collaboratage) to teach tech/design/research.

Recently I've been reminded how effective consensual group hacking/editing can be when teaching (about or through) web-based presentation and authoring platforms. I am a big believer in the techno-pedagogical strategy of transparent co-creation and exploratory play, which can diffuse the anxiety and confusion that often attends learning a new tool (especially one that involves the... Continue Reading →

backlog part three: questioning learning styles.

This is the third installment in a series dedicated to dredging the recent past for things unposted. ALA Annual in 2012 was a fittingly Anaheim affair - meetings bracketed by frantic bike rides between bizarre hotels featuring piped-in lobby smells. In spite of overscheduling I was able to make an early morning drive to Huntington... Continue Reading →

recharge and retool.

This post, the first I have written in quite a while, looks at two sides of a familiar problem: resource scarcity. Present times continue to try on many fronts, and I cannot think of one person from either hemisphere of my life – personal or professional – who is not actively doing more with (or... Continue Reading →

falling off the horse, revisited.

Deep in final editing mode, I just cut a huge, redundant chunk out of one of the last chapters of Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning but couldn't bring myself to trash it. Please enjoy and/or empathize with this particular form of pedagogical pain: Disaster Preparedness Just as you considered barriers to learning in previous chapters, it... Continue Reading →

rtel at ccli.

Today I gave a presentation at the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction's Spring 2010 Workshop, my maiden voyage talking about Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning book stuff (for an overview on what the book is actually about, take a look at a short article on the subject in American Libraries). I'm sharing two components of the... Continue Reading →

out of context.

Because of my dislike of one-shotters, and with the caveat that my slides don't make a lot of sense without narration, I wanted to share a couple of presentations I have given in the past few weeks at Berkeley. The first, directed to library staff in a panel on emerging library technologies on the library... Continue Reading →

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