ongoing goings-on.

I've been a bit slow on the blogging uptake lately, thanks to a full slate of projects and the massive learning curve that occurs when one starts an (excellent) new job, not to mention residual writing trauma after finishing RTEL. Future posts on all of the above are percolating, but I can at least share... Continue Reading →

small ‘a’ advocacy.

I’ve recently experienced another first as a librarian: writing letters of recommendation for two of the brightest students I have had the pleasure to interact with. I’m happy (but not particularly surprised) to say that the process is having a palpable this-makes-all-the-hard-work-worthwhile effect, and for two important reasons. Not only does it offer me the... Continue Reading →

falling off the horse, revisited.

Deep in final editing mode, I just cut a huge, redundant chunk out of one of the last chapters of Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning but couldn't bring myself to trash it. Please enjoy and/or empathize with this particular form of pedagogical pain: Disaster Preparedness Just as you considered barriers to learning in previous chapters, it... Continue Reading →

rtel at ccli.

Today I gave a presentation at the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction's Spring 2010 Workshop, my maiden voyage talking about Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning book stuff (for an overview on what the book is actually about, take a look at a short article on the subject in American Libraries). I'm sharing two components of the... Continue Reading →

instructional literacy: an excerpticle.

I have a piece in this month's American Libraries magazine on instructional literacy, or strategies and approaches that working library educators can use to build instructional design and delivery skills as they teach: Build Your Own Instructional Literacy Face it: Teaching is hard. It’s hard from any angle, using any technology, to any learner. Even... Continue Reading →

time + pressure = diamonds.

The title of this post has been my motto for what feels like forever, reminding me to focus as I pushed myself through a rather gigantic writing project. Last week I turned in a manuscript that I've been working on for close to two years, which needless to say is a highly emotional (albeit somewhat... Continue Reading →

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