ongoing goings-on.

I’ve been a bit slow on the blogging uptake lately, thanks to a full slate of projects and the massive learning curve that occurs when one starts an (excellent) new job, not to mention residual writing trauma after finishing RTEL. Future posts on all of the above are percolating, but I can at least share some of what has been eating my writing time, such as:

a) The slidecast of my 2011 ACRL invited paper: The Librarian as Situated Educator: Instructional Literacy and Participation in Communities of Practice:

Booth ACRL 2011 slidecast image

This was one of the most gratifying talks I have ever given, thanks to the audience humor/interactivity level and my own investment in the subject matter. The audio is clear despite my perennially terrible microphone etiquette, and the fact that these slidecasts are open for a full year at the virtual conference site (until April 2012) is a masterful stroke on ACRL’s part.

b) Another (extremely enjoyable) presentation I gave last Friday at the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians 2011 meeting, an excellent regional conference among a tight-knit community of librarians:

I also had the good fortune to meet/share beers with some amazing current and future Wisconsin SLIS students – shoutout to Jenn Huck, Joe Morgan, and Brianna Marshall, among others.


c) Libraries and E-Content: Towards a More Universal Design, a post I wrote for the EQUACC blog (ALA Presidential Task Force on Equitable Access to Electronic Content). The Task Force’s scope is wide ranging, and I’m involved in the work of the Accessibility sub-group specifically, the core of which is to raise awareness of accessibility challenges inherent to libraries and digital content.

Until I pull my head above water, signing off.

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