cil2008: staff tech training

part 1: sarah houghton-jan (Due to time constraints and conference craziness I haven't given much evaluative opinion on the presentations I've seen in these posts, but let me just say that in 20 minutes S. H-J did a spot-on job of offering a coherent/useful synthesis of this potentially nebulous and never-ending topic. Very well done.)... Continue Reading →

cil2008: what do users do in their native habitats?

pascal lupien, randy oldham: university of guelph large technology/library use survey, 14% reponse rate at an approx. 20,000 student university. results surprising in some areas. discussion points: student culture is reluctant to mix personal and academic computing uptake on online social networks for academic use has been slow, but will likely increase investment for building... Continue Reading →

cil2008: widgets, tools, and doodads for library webmasters.

darlene fichter - data librarian, university of saskatchewan firefox tools safecache: protects privacy, defends against cache-based traching techniques safehistory: prevents apps from going in a reading web history foxmarks: bookmarks synchronizer automatically syncs bookmarks between different instances of firefox - i.e. the same bookmarks on your home and work computers online tools... Continue Reading →

cil2008: mobile trends.

megan fox - simmons college mobile access is common to patrons, so it's incumbent upon librarians to help user understand the role librarians have in the mobile world. trends in mobile access to information. global market, global and transcoded web, what's coming next. devices and capabilities there are 3x mobile phones as their are pcs.... Continue Reading →

cil2008: fast and easy site tuneups.

jeff wisniewski, Web Services Librarian, University of Pittsburgh intro - we should revisit the idea of massive site redesign projects every 3 years - smaller, incremental changes can be very effective. 1 it's a matter of trust. update your copyright statement in order to communicate currency to users. update last updated script on each page.... Continue Reading →

cil2008 keynote: libraries solve problems!

Lee Rainie - Director, Pew Internet and American Life Project "I've atoned for a major sin I committed last year "- at the dawn of the Pew Project he submitted a grant proposal and didn't name librarians as potential stakeholders of the Project. Since he's learned that librarians are valuable stakeholders and have listed them... Continue Reading →

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