cil2008: what do users do in their native habitats?

pascal lupien, randy oldham: university of guelph

large technology/library use survey, 14% reponse rate at an approx. 20,000 student university. results surprising in some areas. discussion points:

student culture is reluctant to mix personal and academic computing

uptake on online social networks for academic use has been slow, but will likely increase

investment for building services in online social networks may be misdirected, depends

priorities for libraries: improving what we offer now, creating more use-friendly websites, more efficient search tools. students are aware that they should be using academic tools, but are not finding as usable as they could be.

we should determine what students need and seek solutions to meet those needs – do this rather than looking at technology first and trying to find uses for them in our environments.

note: OU did a very similar student technology study recently with uncanny overlap with this one in terms of results – I will be posting a writeup soon on this blog, so keep an eye out.

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  1. thanks, randy. i very much enjoyed hearing about your study… we should compare notes, for real.

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