two rad firefox extensions

It’s been a long while since I posted – it’s been snowy in these parts, which is sure to put any Texan off her game for a spell. First off, I’ve lately been impressed with a Firefox extension that lets you edit web images in-browser – snipshot. You can right-click on any web image (or ctrl-click on a Mac) and edit said image online. It’s great at reducing distortion when resizing both high and low-res pictures, which bloggers are likely to appreciate:



Next, something my colleague Chad found at Resource Shelf, the aptly named Add to Search Bar extension (also available in the Firefox extensions page), which lets you add any search box or engine to your Firefox search toolbar. For example, I could right-click on the infomational search box and add it to my browser search engines:


Submitting a search to the infomational search bar above will display search results within the blog’s interface, meaning that this extension is a perfectly budget way to whip up a Firefox toolbar search for an OPAC or federated search function on library computers. The only thing to watch out for when creating browser search bar shortcuts from article or abstract databases is that they may be proxy dependent, meaning that off-campus or out-of-library users may have difficulty accessing results if the library proxy isn’t recognized.

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