oclc facebook citation app.

A colleague just sent this around – OCLC has just released CiteMe, a Facebook application that searches WorldCat and formats citations. From the OCLC blog:

A nifty new WorldCat app has just been released on Facebook called CiteMe. Type in a title,

citeme pic

author, subject, or isbn and presto! A formatted citation comes up, right in the Facebook environment.

Of course, if you’re looking to do a whole bibliography in a click, staying on the WorldCat.org site is the way to go. You can build a list of all your works and generate your Works Cited page, quickly and easily. But for one or two listings or a quick refresher when you’re posting out–this new Facebook app can’t be beat!

My own research shows that about 60% of university students (at least at OU) are at least moderately well disposed towards this type of app in Facebook, and the vast majority of them tend to love citation formatting tools (because of their abject hatred of formatting citations). I’m one of those rare non-Facebook using librarians, so I suppose I’ll just have to wait to hear what people think of CiteMe.

That last part from the OCLC blog about formatting a bibliography at the WorldCat site was news to me. I looked around and they’re definitely fancying things up with a find more/do more approach – personalized lists of items, reviews, citation formatting tools, search plug-ins for Facebook and Firefox, etc. This is the kind of thing the Open Library is also angling towards, but using an open access, collaboratively authored approach. I’m always putting my money on the cheapest and most collectively run horse, but hey – anything that increases library findability on the web is a good thing.

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