log lady v. agent cooper.

This week I have been laid up and largely computer-averse due to a most unpleasant eye infection. With a merciful ray of (non-migraine inducing) light, a guest post at In the Library with the Lead Pipe that I loved writing came out on Wednesday:

Librarians as __________: Shapeshifting at the periphery.

I admit it: I wrestled with this post for weeks. In the beginning, all I set out to do was ask and (sort-of) answer the familiar question, how do we redefine ourselves and stay relevant in this so-called “information age?” from the vantage point of the academic liaison librarian. I was drawn to this topic because I stare it in the face five out of every seven days I pass on this planet. Moreover, I am far from alone: So epic is our shared struggle to build productive connections with students and faculty that the Association of Research Libraries devoted an entire special report to liaison librarian roles not long ago. The need to diversify (if not redefine) is obvious: even a passing glance at the 2009 Ithaka faculty perceptions report shows that our image is indeed changing, but not necessarily into the tech-involved pedagogical and research partners we might fancy ourselves. Instead, we are becoming pinned down as e-stuffbuyers…

read on: all Twin Peaks references explained, eventually.

Many, many thanks to all who helped me edit and troubleshoot: Ellie Collier, Emily Drabinski, Susan Edwards, Emily Ford, Lia Friedman, and Jen Waller.

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