amazing posters.

Via Lia Friedman of the UCSD Arts Libraries Blog:

“The University College Falmouth has had the outgoing graduates make inspirational posters for the incoming freshmen. This is a terrific idea–who better to give advice to newbies than the people who just went through it? The graphics are varied, interesting and beautiful.

Some of my favorites? “Be Adventurous. Don’t Use Helvetica For Absolutely Everything” and “Don’t F*#K Your Flatmate”. Which isn’t to say the sweet ones don’t slay me just as easily. They’re for sale and available for viewing at their Flickr site.”

Personal favorite:

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  1. No problem – thank Lia of the UCSD Arts Libraries Blog, one of the best library blogs out there. She posts regularly on things that might actually make users interested in checking the feed, such as these posters and other examples of art/design, not to mention recent renegade library performance art at UCSD…

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