acrl 2009 slides.

My ACRL presentation with former OU colleague Chris Guder was great – a packed house of people laughing at our inside librarian jokes. What more can you ask for?

We shared the hour with Steven Adams of Princeton University and Angela Horne of Cornell University – they described their sharp research evaluating LibGuides. An interesting, effective pairing of sessions.

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  1. Hi Char,

    I saw your presentation at ACRL and I must say you were one of (if not the most!) engaging presenters at the conference! I’m new to the academic librarian field, i used to work in a special library and I’m enjoying the challenges of the new job. I find your posts quite inspiring. I’m glad you’re now on the West Coast, if I’m in the Berkeley area, i’ll stop by and say hi!

    1. susan, thanks so much for the amazing feedback – i kindof dissociate up there, so i’m never quite sure of what i said after the fact. i’m glad you liked the presentation, and please do stop by if you’re ever in my neck of the woods.

  2. Hey Char, would you mind if I used that User of Emerging Technologies by Age slide for a presentation I’m giving at ALA. It is TOO perfect! I’ll be sure to give attribution and link to the Slideshare page.

    1. be my guest, meredith! i hope all is well with you, and that i can make it to your presentation (details?)

  3. Thanks! My presentation is going to be on Saturday afternoon (in that packed 1:30 – 3pm slot) and it’s a PLA Panel entitled “Life After 2.0.” My job on the panel is to “set the scene” and I plan to talk about where some libraries have gone wrong in implementing 2.0 technologies. A big place many libraries have gone wrong is not understanding their own populations! 🙂 And I saw your slide just as I was working on the slides for the presentation (trying to get it done before baby) and found that it was the perfect illustration of the sort of info we need to make good decisions about tech for outreach to our patrons.

    1. ah, that sounds great – i totally agree. i definitely hope to make it, and i’m glad the slide will fit. xo and good luck with the little one!

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