definitely worth noting.

In case you don’t keep up with the ever-useful Distant Librarian, you missed a writeup today that is guaranteed to warm the heart of anyone interested in library technology integration and user engagement. It highlights a post on ruk: peter rukavina’s weblog, maintained by a nonlibrarian “superpatron” who regularly creates or brainstorms the types of extremely useful, user-centered hacks that could help libraries make things much easier on our patrons. This time around he proposes a Digg-inspired system that will let patrons submit and rank purchase requests to help libraries prioritize – an excellent, simple, and practical idea.

In another post he praises the convenience and general awesomeness of Interlibrary Loan, but in response to an annoying request form at his local library he built a program to streamline the process. A follow-up project, ISBN to Interlibrary Loan, is equally deft.

On another tip from the DL, also check out Superpatron.

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