sharks vs. jets

I’ve joined the Talis Library 2.0 Gang monthly podcast, also available via Library Journal. Older episodes are available on the Talking with Talis site. Our first conversation featured Open Library co-founder Aaron Swartz (about whom I’ve written several times) and touched on topics recently discussed at the Code4lib conference, ranging from the Open Library Project to open APIs for libraries.

The podcast is hosted by Richard Wallis, and other regular participants are John Blyberg, Nicole Engard, Carl Grant, and Rob Styles. It’s a flexible format, and any topic ideas (or, for amusement purposes only, alternative titles) for the program are appreciated, such as the Library 2.0 Harangue. Or maybe the Library 2.0 Shebang… Library 2.0, for Shame… Library 2.0 Deranged… the possibilities are endless.

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