fireshot – firefox screen capturing extension

My colleague Chad recently recommended a Firefox screen capturing extension – I’ve been playing with it for a day or two and have found it to be extremely handy. Fireshot installs as a simple toolbar icon in your browser:

And also allows screen capturing from a popup menu:

The interface resembles Paint or other simple drawing programs:


And allows you to manipulate images and add content in a variety of ways:


A few drawbacks I’ve noticed – normal undo and copy/paste keystrokes don’t seem to work, nor are there other obvious alternatives for these functions – I find that this is the extension’s worst feature by far. Another annoyance is that when the screenshot editor window is open you can’t access other tabs in Firefox. Fireshot allows you to save, copy, export directly to a graphics program, or email images, and defaults to .png format. Several other formats are also available. Notably, Fireshot does not offer image hosting options or create sharable URLs for captured images like Jing does, but it’s still a good browser-based screenshot tool if you don’t want the hassle of application-based capturing.

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