ut does widgets.

I seriously appreciate this UT Libraries Widgets page:


It’s listed under the research tools drop-down on the main library page, which is smart. It blends library-created add-ons with useful “information organizing” and “collaboration” widgets, which is also smart. It explains what the apps can do in clear language, stating simply that “widgets bring the Libraries Web services to you” (such brevity is often missing on library sites). Finally, the page is laid out in a format reminiscent of a blog posting that massively increases its readability. The library-related widgets are well-designed and simple (Google gadget, Facebook search app, various search plug-ins for Firefox), and give the typical user a range of utility to choose from. Last but not least, user feedback is sought through a widget recommendation or by taking an embedded, interactive quiz. Well done – all aspects of this speak to the increased web customizability that many users are looking for both in general and where the library is concerned.

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