creating interactive course assignment pages: the OSU libraries ICAP creation tool

CNI Session, Tuesday Dec 11th @ 9 AM (I only caught the second half of this presentation)

Designing course-specific web pages using a simple, interactive, drag/drop and WSIWIG editor developed at Oregon State Libraries by Kim Griggs, systems programmer. Software known as the Interactive Course Assignment Project (ICAP). Using the software results in easy/attractive course page creation by librarians. Software is open source and available for download. Not integrated with course management system, but linked from it. May be able to use it for subject guide creation, etc. Comparable in function to commercial projects such as LibGuides, etc:


Result of ICAP pages has been an increase in faculty/librarian collaboration, positive feedback from students, buy-in from librarians.

Lessons learned: prople need time to adopt and use new software, incorporating usability testing is key, learned how to employ software development practices in the library setting.

Contacts: margaret.mellinger, jane.nichols,

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