public knowledge project: providing alternatives for scholarly communication

CNI Project Briefing December 11th at 2 pm, presented by G.W. Brian. PKP, or the Public Knowledge Project, has developed an open-source scholarly publishing software module at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. Their stated goal is to “improve the scholarly and public quality of academic research through the development of innovative online environments.” PKP was one of the first recipients of the Mellon award for Technology Collaboration in 2006 ($50,000). Federally funded in Canada.

OJS Open Journal System – software package that facilitates editing, collaboration process of scholarly journal publication online.

OCS – Open Conference System – software package structures process of setting up a conference website, creating a call for papers, and publishing proceedings.

OMS Open Monograph System – (in development, available hopefully within 12 months) Works on the same platform as OJS, facilitates process of scholarly monograph publishing for electronic books.

OAH – Open Archives Harvester
, allows harvesting of metadata from Open Access Initiative-compliant archives.

Current status of the PKP software – in 2006 400 journals worldwide were using OJS, increased to more than 1000 by mid 2007. Because it is open-source if doesn’t require product registration so it’s been a little difficult to track journals and users. 50 OCS conferences occured in 2006, 100 in 2007. 4 organizations using OAH in 2006, 10 in 2007. 350 Members on the support forum, extensive support documentation available, tutorials and a test drive feature available on the PKP website. Geographic distribution of PKP software – uniform distribution worldwide. Download activity to date of PKP software packages: 889 OJS, 269 OCS, 75 OAH. Number of languages supported at present – 12, including Croatian, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese. Twelve more languages currently in development 0 Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Greek.

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